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No one wants to feel like their house is a cluttered mess with new gifts piled on top of old ones. So get rid of the clutter before Christmas gets here. For every new toy that you know the kids will open on Christmas morning, get rid of two. Shop early, shop early, shop early. Since you started saving for Christmas early, you can shop early too.

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  • 1. Make a to-do list.!
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If you can swing it, do a babysitting swap with a couple you know. Everyone wins! You and your spouse can have a free evening together to go shopping—kid-free! Make the welcome escape a little date night for the two of you too. Grab some peppermint mochas and go Christmas shopping. You both deserve some one-on-one time. Or keep your holiday stress level at bay and do all your Christmas shopping online.

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Plus, being able to see the item prices in your cart can help keep you from overspending. Some stuff just has to be done. But if you start feeling the pressure, consider enlisting some friends or family to help you out. Okay, we know this one is tricky to navigate, especially around the holidays, but stick with us here. We all have family members who push our buttons: Aunt Betsy, in-laws, Granny Gertrude—whoever! Instead of going to the family event and trying to master the fine art of not stepping on egg shells the entire night, how about just avoiding certain topics and removing yourself from the conversation if things go south?

Believe it or not, it can be done. Scale things back and reduce your stress level with a potluck dinner!

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Trust us. Have each one of your guests bring their favorite side dish or family recipe to the meal. Then all you have to worry about preparing is the turkey or ham.

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Stressed spelled backward is desserts. If you cut back on all the holiday stress, then maybe your waistline will thank you too. You can still indulge in the sweet stuff. It can help keep the Christmas pounds off and lower your holiday stress level. Take the stairs at work.

2. Avoid too many commitments.

Get up every hour or so and take a lap around the office. You can even bundle up and go on your own Christmas lights walking tour. Maybe your exercise is just combining your Christmas shopping with walking in the mall. Anything is better than nothing! Being sick at Christmastime is the absolute worst, so do what you can to avoid it! If you wash your hands, stay hydrated, and avoid sick people, you can make it through cold and flu season safe and sound. Hand sanitizer is your best friend.

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Snowman with Moose Christmas Sectioned Dish. Double sectioned serving dish features debossed designs - one square features a moose in the first section and Moose Christmas Name Plate. Large white dish with a red outer rim is 12 inches in diameter and 1. Candle Decor features several different styles of candle holder glassware with different style techniques including sandblasting, decals, painting, Holiday Hoopla Wax Warmer.

Holiday Hoopla 3 Assorted Votive Holders. Holiday Hoopla Candle Tray. Engraved Christmas tree cheese wedge shaped serving tray The perfect Christmas host gift - add some cheese and Joy to the world Christmas Tea Towel. Holiday Hoopla is a line of Christmas themed items.

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From plates, bowls, pitchers, napkin holders, mugs, creamers, sugar Add to wishlist. Add to cart Default Title. Candle Decor. Christmas markets offer a unique shopping experience. The outdoor family-friendly event brings together shopping, winter festivities and tree decorations in a vehicle-free zone.

The open-air sites are generally wheelchair accessible but the individual shops might not offer barrier-free entrances. Best to call ahead to find out. Take time to enjoy the dazzling winter wonderland, and the city aglow in twinkle lights. Embrace the season of giving and goodwill with family and friends. How do you get around the holiday hoopla? At Wheelchair in Motion , we can help you navigate through the Christmas rush. Our winterized, accessible van rentals are available daily, for weekends and more.

Contact us if you have any questions about accessible transportation van rentals.

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The Wheelchair in Motion elves are ready to help you. Ho, ho, ho! Call us Toll-Free from Canada at or have us call you back!