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Where are you based? Indonesia is lovely. I love travelling by train too, and in Europe, there is plenty to keep you busy! You should try the overnight train in Java. You can enjoy stunning panorama from your window. Also, there are two old steam trains in central Java, one in Solo, one in Ambarawa available for group tour.

Trains in Europe are fantastic. Read this for more inspiration! I found this post informative and I really like the delivery, as if I should be expecting bad news, but it turns out to be good. I would very much like to visit, even perhaps to meet some relatives, but I do have some issues that make me a tad nervous. Like, how accessible are public spaces for disabled folk?

I use forearm crutches, sometimes a wheelchair. I am also Autistic and was concerned about how I would be received. And that, is something not even achieved yet in the USA. I do also have Celiacs disease which is so sad because some of my most loved Polish foods have gluten in them!

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Poland is one of my favourite countries, so my article was really quite tongue-in-cheek! Most of Eastern Europe is not necessarily wheelchair friendly, but many have wider streets in the city centres and Old Towns. Certainly, Warsaw is. The streets are wide, and the Underground station has only 3 lines. With elevators!

Perhaps you might want to go for seafood or vegetarian items instead. Once again. Please read: Best of Eastern Europe. Greetings from Berlin! Thank you for your comment Kat! There are so different opinions about Poland. Probably I even have relatives somewhere in Lodz. People feel so strongly about Poland.

Either they really like it — for example Moi — or they really hate it! Visit Poland one day, and see for yourself…. What u say about my cantry man, poland is nic amd batiful and u say dont come?! What we do to you? Pleass dnt say what u dont know! Like Liked by 2 people. Thank you for your comment Janek! I like Poland very much. This is the stupidest post Ive ever read. The reason why your nazi german friends dont want you to go to Poland is because their mums and dads set up those German concentration camps in Poland and are ashamed of it now.

Clearly you know nothing about eastern Europe and its history. Thank you for your comment. Follow the link! Not only that but I actually studied Political Science. My specialization? European Politics! Your post about Poland and Poles is really amazing. You do not omit anything and write the truth. Thank you for your comment Anna! Great post about Poland and Poles is really amazing. It was nice to read something like that about My City! Thanks for reading! There are billion of people who are viisting where corner of the world but no one visit china because no one know the reason why china is famous for tourism so i must recomanded you to write a blog on tourism in China.

Thank you for your comment! I can be contacted via: victoria thebritishberliner. I saw the title for this article while doing research for an essay about Poland, and I was about to get seriously offended…. But, to my delight, everything you wrote in here is extremely clever! All wonderful reasons to visit Poland at least once in your life. I personally spent a few days there last summer and had a wonderful time learning about their history and people. I miss it dearly. I hope you get to visit Poland again! Have you read the other posts on Poland? Auschwitz is not a Jewish concetration camp.

But with over 1 mln of murdered people it might be better to say, extermination. What happened at Auschwitz was horrible and a most terrible crime. One of the worst that mankind has ever encountered. Poland sucks. Prices are high compared to Canada. Absolutely no deal in to visit Warsaw or Krakow. Where in Poland did you go? But Canada more expensive than Poland? How so? Spill the beans! Poland is not Eastern Europe! Poland is developed Western country. Central Europe is part od Western Europe and never was communistic. Have you seen the other posts that I wrote about Poland?

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Germany vs Poland - Military Power Comparison 2019

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Jesus in Warsaw. The cathedral in Lubin, Poland. Lots of interesting stuff in Poland! Horse-riding is popular in Poland! Traditional Polish food. The churches and synagogues are old. The castles are old.

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Even the cobbled streets are old. Things are still traditional in Krakow! A goat on the train? Ah well, anything can happen. Swans for example! The people are quite friendly. Some even take photographs of you! Take a photo of me. No meeeee! Perhaps, just the once! Hungry people in Krakow. Let me correct that. The most horrifying Jewish concentration camp in the history of Nazi Germany. Economic prosperity in Bydgoszcz. I never travel without insurance as you never know what might happen. A win-win for all! Thanks a million! Dajana Morak. Wal-Mart Going Global. Cultural Dimensions of Business in Russia.

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Advertising in Poland and Germany - A Comparison

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