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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Sophie Neville rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Ellen Mellor marked it as to-read May 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Videos About This Book. More videos About Lisa Scullard. Lisa Scullard. Um, and ginger nut biscuits. Yum ; Any order or combination of the above is fine Would like to travel more, with some good company one day. You never know Mocking Darque, who he had met years earlier, Aram incessantly referred to him as Pinky, until Darque, fed up with him, lit Aram on fire and took his leave of them.

As the flames spread, Shadowman tried to help Aram put them out, but he pushed him out of his way and jumped into the river. Watching Aram and Nettie greet each other as old friends, Jack heard her say that she had turned him into Shadowman to fight Darque, which made him realize that someone he trusted had used him. Explaining that Jack was getting wilder, Nettie asked Aram to help him understand what she had done to him, and then take him to the bayou where she would cleanse him of the mean spirit that had taken over his soul.

Agreeing to help so long as Nettie danced one last time for him, Aram took Shadowman to a bar where he told him everything that the Coven had done to him. The next night at the bayou, while pondering what Aram told him, Shadowman watched a voodoo priestess who Nettie told him would exorcise the demon from his soul dancing with a snake.

While wondering what would be left of him after the exorcism, as well as wondering where Nettie was, Shadowman followed the priestess into the bayou to undergo the cleansing ritual, unaware that the Aryans were watching them. Enthralled by the priestess, Shadowman experienced a stream of consciousness that made him think of Lydia. Just then, the priestess submerged Jack under the water to push him into confronting the evil within his soul.

Meanwhile, Neo Nazis sent by Master Darque, who was unable to attend the ceremony without risking losing his power in the presence of the Coven, surrounded the area as they prepared to kill Shadowman. At St. Leaving the cemetery, Darque ominously told Sandria that the Coven ignored just how powerful Jack would become due to the changes experienced by the universe in the last year. While Aram took Nettie away, Archer dispatched the Aryans with his crossbow. Meanwhile, as Jack fell deeper into the bayou, he breath in the water into his lungs and recalled the night Lydia bit him.

Running to the bayou, Archer pulled Shadowman while Aram scared the Aryans away. Filled with adrenaline caused by the virus, Shadowman went after a truck filled with Neo Nazis that fell off a cliff and killed everyone in it. The next night, Jack awoke to find that Devon had told the others were he was. Sitting on a rooftop drinking beer, Aram counseled Jack through his feelings of distrust and asked him to consider that maybe being Shadowman and stopping Darque was his destiny, a notion that he found to be very unpleasant.

Sometime later, inside the arena, after a mike check jamming session with Jack Boniface, Steven returned to his dressing room where he caught Herbert stealing his tights. Crazed, Herbert demanded that Steven give him a lock of his hair so that the Grand Master could turn him into him. Refusing to oblige his request, Steven punched Herbert, who relentlessly came after him to rip the hair from his head. Stopped at the door by two walking dead men posing as security, the guys demanded to know what was happening, when then Steven and Herbert came tussling out of the room.

Taking his prize, Herbert let the woman go and escaped with the dead men, while Jack explained what happened to Aerosmith. Searching the crowd for Nettie, who he had been avoiding since he discovered that she belonged to the Coven, Jack learned that Darque set the house ablaze. Just then, Darque called Jack on a public phone and told him that there was a quest he wanted him to undertake.

Rushing the theater, Aerosmith and Shadowman came across the walking dead men, who stood between them and the stage. While Shadowman dispatched the dead men, Steven fought Herbert for control of the doll, which he took off his hand and threw away. Grabbing the doll, Darque called Shadowman to the scaffolding over the stage, where he plunged his nail into it and killed Steven. At that same moment, Master Darque almost ran over Zach Boniface , Jack's father, while he was on his way home from a bar, and then forced him to take him to a grave that his driver exhumed.

Suddenly, Sarah stood up in bed asking God why he had forsaken her while snakes like the one in Jack dream appeared around her feet. Terrified, Molly went to find the sheriff, while Jack helped Sarah off the bed. In a daze, Sarah said that Josiah Torrent could handle the snakes without being bitten, which promoted Zach to say that Josiah was dead. Soon after Molly returned with Melvin Janson, the sheriff, with whom Jack had a history with from when he was a younger. Seeing Jack as nothing more than a troublemaker, the sheriff provoked him into a fight, but Jack ignored his taunts and sassed him back, which enraged him.

Pulling Melvin away, Zach took him outside. Meanwhile, the reanimated Josiah Torrent killed Jacob Williams, one of his tormentors. Looking outside, Jack saw Sarah and Josiah, who Melvin revealed was his real father. Confronting Sarah, Jack learned that before she married Zach she slept with Josiah, which enraged Zach, who got his friends together and buried Josiah alive in an unmarked grave. Showing himself, Darque threatened to let Josiah kill everyone in town unless Jack bent to his will. Certain that Josiah was just a reanimated corpse Jack killed him, but not before he killed Zach and Melvin.

Sending Jack on his way, Darque slumbered in mid air in front of the portal. After Calvin told him that to navigate through time he had to focus on someone or something he wanted to see, Jack thought of Elya and jumped into the portal followed by a dark shape he could barely make out. After a slight detour to the days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, Jack arrived in , where he found Elya, who was married to a man called Anthor and had two children, with a third on the way.

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Asking for his help, Elya told Jack about Blister , a commando she eduprogred herself who became a sinister robber killer with a gang of badsides that killed the judge and jury on his trial to escape from being brain—whacked. Leaving with Elya to think of a way to defeat Blister, Jack asked her if he would like him to go back to before she met Anthor so they could be together, but thinking of her children she refused his offer. Riding atop a pterosaurs, Blister shot Jack with an energy weapon that almost vaporized him.

Feeling different ever since he went through the portal, Jack focused on a small speck of darkness within him, a source of power that resided somewhere between Jack and the mask, that made him more powerful and healed him. After Jack knocked Blister out, the time arc appeared and sucked him into the time tunnel while Blister and his men shot Elya and Anthor.

Finding himself in New Orleans years before his time, Jack saw a man and a woman struggling on the roof of a burning building while a crowd with torches gathered in the street yelling for a witch to burn. Leaping through a window, Jack was shocked to Maxim St. James , the first Shadowman, manhandle Nettie, who looked like when he saw her with Armstrong. Leaping in the air, Jack kicked Maxim in the chest and pushed him off Nettie. Telling Jack that he was not ready to fight the rising Darque power because he only thought about himself, Nettie told him to let Maxim deal with Darque and her.

Though Maxim bested him in strength and urged him to give up, Jack refused to surrender, claiming that if Nettie died he would never happen, when then he vanished into the time stream. Accepting that what Nettie said was true, Jack focused on Elya in an effort to shut off his thoughts of beating Maxim to prove that he was the better Shadowman. Returning to moments before Blister killed Elya and Anthor, Jack leapt out of the time arc to rescue them, but Blister tackled him to the ground and then buried him beneath a boulder. Certain that Jack was dead, Blister celebrated his defeat of the fabled Shadowman, but then Jack rose up and threw the boulder off him.

Punching Blister as hard as he could, Jack knocked him out to the ground, earning the respect of the cultists, who cheered his name and called him the Nighttime messiah. Reminding Jack that she created the cult of Shadowman based on the idea that he would return to life, Elya urged him to speak to her former commandos, but just then the rising sun robbed Jack of his strength and he collapsed on the ground.

Awakening from a nightmare in which Calvin urged him to return home to kill Darque, Jack learned that he had been in bed for two and a half days, time in which Elya gave birth to a daughter she called Jackinta. Taking Jack aside, Elya asked him to leave her for his being there was too painful for her to bear.

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After seeing Anthor, who told him that the reason he snapped in time was due to his trying to return to his time before he left, Jack returned to the tunnel, where he came across Blister, who claimed that he had been reprogrammed and asked him to let him go back to the past with him to no avail. From his chair, Calvin warned Jack that he could not change anything by being there even if he tried.

Correcting him, Jack told him what he did in the future, but Calvin said that what happened was what was always going to happen no matter what he did. As Jack reentered the tunnel, Calvin warned him not to return no matter what Darque did, for if he did Darque would drain him of all his power. Pleased that he had ruined his scheme, Calvin aroused Darque, who stirred up and called for Jack to return.

Mocking Darque, Calvin said that he was too late, as Jack had already left. Directing Darque to the tunnel, Calvin said that it had gotten too small for anyone to cross it. Enraged, Darque reached into the tunnel to hold it into place, but then, as a result of a block placed on him by the Coven to prevent him from going through time, the energies in the vortex burned his arm. Focusing on Nettie, Jack intended to save her, when then the dark shape from before headed toward him on a collision course.

At the Mirage state in Miami, as Carmen Mirage finished installing a system that would allow Hwen to access most of the house through voice—commands, the phone rang. Feeling that the shock of his situation would kill Mamma, Hwen politely ignored her and hung up. Summoning Vise and Nitro , Darque sent them to bring Carmen to him. Anticipating the Mirage not to respond to his invitation, Darque gave Vise and Nitro a box, which contents would persuade them to meet with him. After Carmen accused him of being superstitious, Hwen suggested that they do something fun, which gave her an idea.

Acting tough, Vise and Nitro lunged against Rico, when then the smell coming from the bowl dissuaded them. Running away to find the Mirage, Vise and Nitro locked Rico in the bathroom, unaware that he called Hwen to warn him. As Vise and Nitro broke into their bedroom and demanded that Carmen go with them, Hwen turned the lights off.

While Carmen kicked Nitro across the room, Hwen tossed Vise through the wall before he could throw a lamp at her. Hopeful that Darque would keep his word, Hwen crossed the threshold in the hope of becoming mortal again. Arriving in New Orleans two seconds after he left, Jack bumped into Maxim, who sick of his meddling wanted to cut off his nose. Stopping the Shadowmen from getting into a brawl, Nettie reminded them that a crowd who wanted to burn her had set the building on fire, a blaze she said Maxim would have rescued her from after he finished yelling at her.

Standing between Maxim and Nettie, Jack said that when he arrived it looked like Maxim was trying to kill her not rescue her. Fed up with both Shadowmen, Nettie demanded that one of them rescue her immediately. Upset with Nettie for reasons of his own, Maxim wished Jack good luck and left them to fend for themselves.

While Jack distracted the mob, Nettie ran to a horse—drawn cab, then as they escaped, he wondered why Darque sent him through time, and if he would kill him upon his return. Back in , as Nettie summoned a portal to return Jack to the present, she assured him that the spell that made him Shadowman ensured that Darque could not kill him with his magic, a fact that in light of his impending death in failed to comfort him. Just then, the portal opened and a second Jack Boniface came rushing out of it.

Unable to prevent the pull of the vortex, Jack collided with his alternate self and feared that he had blown up the universe. Falling through Unreality, certain that he did not blown up the world since he had seen the future, Jack was amazed at his discovery that he could conjure up a saxophone and an audience to hear him play. Just then, Jack found himself a victim of his innermost thoughts, in the form of the alien ID he faced once before, who he beat up, and Josiah Torrent, who drove up in a car and told him that he would never get to Heaven by fighting himself.

Driving away, Josiah said that whenever he was in doubt, he had a funeral. Exiting the time tunnel in , Hwen met Nettie, who told him to go inside her amulet to find Jack. Crossing into Unreality, Hwen found Jack leading a New Orleans—style funeral and made contact with him. Telling Jack of his deal with Darque, Hwen urged him to go back with him, and though Jack, who was empowered by the Darque Power as a result of his time travels, was hesitant to return, he agreed to go with him.

Concocting a plan in case Darque betrayed them, Hwen literally went inside Jack to give him a power boost. Reneging on his promise, Darque told the Mirage to be content with witnessing his sister become solid and then sent them on their way. Once alone with Sandria, a weakened Darque took immense pleasure in draining a small piece of her power, an act that made her feel violated and earned him her eternal, inexhaustible hatred. Though otherwise unharmed, Jack feared that Darque had done something bad to him. Surprised that Paige was elected, Aram told Jack, who believed that Aram had scared Paige off, that bigots like him, who do not do anything strictly illegal, would keep popping up, and that beating them up would make them just as bad as they are.

Meanwhile, in the offices of Hatred Assertiveness Training Enterprises, Leland Paige informed his assistant, Esther, of his intentions to distance himself from the bigots that supported him, who had become an embarrassment, in order to secure the mainstream voters. Just then, he spotted a group of men with H. Intervening before things escalated, Shadowman beat up three of the men, leaving their leader, Ed, to fend for himself. Reaching into his jacket, Ed pulled a gun on Shadowman, who doubted his ability to survive a gun shot, when then the man tackled Ed and made him drop his weapon.

Kicking Ed across the face, Shadowman threw a trashcan at his cohorts and ordered them to go home and take their hatred with them. As the men ran away, Shadowman saw Rotwak , a guy who made him feel uneasy that got his name from the word written on his hat and was known for wandering around town holding a sign that read "Put Rotwak In A [Movie, Radio, etc.

Saying that they hated him for being openly gay, the man told Shadowman that he was not ashamed of who he was and never would be no matter what they did to him, then he thanked Shadowman and walked away. Warning Shadowman that there were bad things happening and that he could fight for people who were not as strong, Nettie urged him to return home to the voodoo people who made him, but claiming that no body made him, Shadowman said that he was tired of being followed, pushed, and used.

Ditching his mask, Jack left, saying that he was done being Captain Nighttime, a comment Rotwak picked on. Nonetheless, Nettie cautioned him that he would find that giving up the mask would not be that easy. Fed up, Mark challenged Paige to a debate, a confrontation Leland agreed to attend. After the show, Jack cautioned Mark about confronting Paige, but Mark assured him that he had fought people like him all his life, which is how he got on the radio. Leaving the station, Jack wondered who the brave ones in the world were; guys like Shadowman or Mark.

Pondering the answer, Jack decided to buy mountain climbing equipment. That night, as Jack climbed the side of the HATE building wearing a makeshift mask, he saw Paige talking on the phone. After dispatching the guards, Jack turned to Paige and told him to keep his hatred for himself, but Leland claiming that there was no profit, revealing that he was a politician looking for power. Hearing the sound of sirens in the distance, Leland dared Jack to beat him up or get out, urging him to leave by the elevator.

As the debate raged on, Jack noticed the glint of a rifle and the shadow of a shooter. Unfortunately, Mark stood in the path of the bullet to save Paige and it hit him. Though expressing doubt that Jack would be able to give himself to the power, Nettie said that if he was willing to try so was her. Sometime later in the Quarter, after he learned that Mark was going to live and that the cops had Rotwak, Jack wondered if he would be swallowed up by Shadowman and disappear into the darkness.

Staring into the full moon, Jack decided that, although Shadowman could fight magic, be strong, and beat up villains, he could not wrestle hate, a feat he concluded could be solely accomplished by normal human beings, every day people with courage, like Mark, who lived in the light like Jack should. Sitting on the roof of his apartment, Jack pondered the story of the Shadowman who came before him, a tale Aram shared with him during a bender the night before.

Fed up, Maxim stood up to Anton while Nettie consoled Connie. Pulling a knife, Anton called his friends, who came out of the bar and surrounded Maxim, who stood his ground. In a show of strength, Aram picked up a piano in his own unique way to show Anton who he was dealing with. Though Anton retreated, he warned Maxim that he would regret his actions. Finding Maxim barely alive, Nettie and the Coven took him to the bayou, where Nettie performed a ceremony that opened him to the shadow spirits.

Afterwards, as Nettie ordered one of her men to put the mask of shadows on his face, she claimed that he was no longer Maxim and was now Shadowman, whose only purpose was to destroy Darque, but standing up he corrected her and reclaimed his name of Maxim St James, whose only desire was revenge. Just then, the cupboard opened and the zombie Anton raised walked out to kill Maxim for him. Elated, Darque revealed that every piece of evil he had learned wrote itself in his body as constantly changing living patterns.

Promising that Sandria would acquiesce, Darque sent Anton back to his sister. Confessing that she shared an inextricable rapport with Darque that allowed her to know that Anton kept his word because what happened to her brother happened to her, Sandria disrobed and told Anton to claim his reward. Embracing Sandria, Anton passionately kissed her and the taste of her lips burned him. Enraged, Anton accused Sandria of being a witch and stabbed her with his knife, a killing strike that befell Darque all the way in his manor.

Aware that the wound would be fatal, Anton escaped. Running across Maim, Anton could read his own fate in his eyes. Asserting herself, Nettie ordered Maxim to let Anton stab him, which he did, and Anton pierced the tattoo on his chest with his knife, which released a deluge of energy that killed him.

Walking outside, Darque enthralled the crowd into believing that Nettie and Maxim had sworn to burn Storyville to the ground. While Darque carried his sister into the night, behind them the bordello became an inferno that Nettie and Maxim tried to survive. The night Lydia seduced Jack, Nettie danced the ceremony that would make him a Shadowman, creating a convergence of Darque power that came to rest in the mask.

Not caring to know why, Lydia believed that she was supposed to kill Jack, so she bit him to suck him dry. Nettie explained that the power was in the mask, which she left where it would draw Jack to it. As the Coven had created Maxim full blown and then found that they could not control him, they had decided that Jack was to acquire the power gradually through the mask, a ploy that worked as whenever night fell, he became stronger, fearless, and more dangerous, compelled to reclaim the night as Shadowman.

Caught in the thralls of a dream, Jack found himself floating through the walls of an old tenement building following a disturbance to an apartment owned by a married couple, Scott and Kim, where he witnessed an apparition of their neighbor, Joe, break through the wall and kill Scott with an axe. As Joe asked Jack what he was doing there and he replied that he was there to cast him out of his night, Jack woke up in his apartment. Walking into the kitchen, Jack told Nettie about his dream, which she said was a calling from the Loa, the spirits that made him Shadowman at night, which he could not ignore.

Though the dream felt real, Jack was unsure of what to do, but Nettie assured him that once the sun settled he would. Wondering whether Joe was a Harbinger or a Necromancer, Shadowman went to confront him, but he was not in his apartment. Hiding in a closet, Shadowman waited for Joe to come home, which he did shortly before sunrise. Kneeling before a cross in his bedroom, Joe asked God to forgive him for killing Scott, when then Shadowman walked out of the closet and said that while God might forgive him he never would.

Terrified, Joe ran away, so Shadowman followed him to ensure he would not kill again. Running into a food mart, Joe hid in a freezer from which Shadowman could not get him out because the sun had sapped his strength. Hearing Joe scream her name, Kim broke into his apartment and found him foaming at the mouth on the floor. Momentarily loosing sight of Darryl, Shadowman turned a corner into an alley and found him laying dead on the ground with a Mylar streamer wrapped around his neck. Richards, two other men who could identity Pappa Napoleon, using Mardi Gras coins and Mylar streamers.

The next day, as Jack moved into his new apartment, Nettie urged him to begin his lessons on the use of the Darque Power over his objections that he wanted to get back to work at the Jazz club and make some money. That night, Shadowman came across a trio of guys robbing a pretty girl at knife point.

Leaping off the roof, Shadowman was instantly smitten with the girl, who told him that her name was Marcia Lewis. Together, Marcia and Shadowman beat the thugs, and during the fight, Shadowman felt an infra red flash. Before going to look into where it came from, Shadowman asked Marcia for her number, so she gave him a card with her address and information. Watching Marcia walk away, Shadowman told himself to throw her card away, but instead he put it in his pocket.

Meanwhile, Ishmael watched Shadowman from a rooftop with a camera in his hands. Three days later in a hotel suite, Ishmael met Pappa Napoleon, who hid his face with a Groucho Marx mask.

Though the blood coagulated, the skin failed to close, so Nettie suggested that next time Jack cut deeper to force himself to heal. Sometime later, Jack strolled through the streets content that that no one could recognize him behind the Mask of Shadows, when just then, Ishmael, garbed in a bird costume, threw a coin at his head that cut him in the forehead and got lodged in the mask.

Simultaneously, at the Psychiatric wing of the New Orleans facility of the Louisiana State Hospital, Rotwak walked into the room of a Patient , a catatonic resident who had been there longer than anyone else there. Taking Ishmael by surprise, Shadowman pushed him out the window and the two fell down into a Mardi Gras float. As Shadowman chased him to an alley, Ishmael leapt on him with a rusted pipe and stabbed him through the heat.

Removing his mask, Ishmael told Shadowman that he was the best he had ever killed and walked away, unaware that Shadowman still lived. Although she thought he was crazy, Marcia pulled the pipe out and Shadowman collapsed on the floor. Losing his bravado from the night before, Jack urged Marcia to call an ambulance that took him to the hospital.

Sometime later, after learning from an informant that Jack was still alive, Pappa Napoleon gave Ishmael one last opportunity to kill him. That evening at the hospital, while Lt. While the minutes ticked past six fifteen, Ishmael boldly stuck a straw in the IV, when just then Jack grabbed his arm and tossed him out the door. Chasing Ishmael across the hospital, Jack pursue ended at the admissions desk, where surrounded by nurses, tourists with cameras, Marcia, and Lt. Szymanski, he suddenly realized that he was not wearing the Mask of Shadows and everyone could see his face.

After hearing a nurse call Jack by name, Ishmael leapt out the window into an alley and escaped. While reading the paper, which had a picture of him taken during his rampage, Jack ignored Lt. While checking out, Jack discovered that someone had paid his hospital bill and confronted Nettie and Devon, who denied doing it. Outside, Jack saw Marcia waiting for him on a bike and realized that she paid his bill.

Upset, Nettie accused Jack of messing around and not caring if Darque ruled the world, but he told her that it was not him, it was Shadowman, a statement that surprised him. Telling Jack to call her, Marcia rode off in her bike. Inside the hospital, a nurse giving Patient a sponge bath wondered what the story was behind a tattoo on his chest. Pondering his desire to see her, Jack realized that it was Shadowman that felt attracted to Maria and not himself.

Looking to forget Shadowman, Marcia, and his money trouble, Jack lost himself in his sax. Later that day, Jack had to forego a gig to meet with Nettie that night, loosing a chance to earn some money. That night at the theater, Sandria felt a subtle rent in the necromantic skein and told her brother that they had to walk the Dragon path together. Deep below the House of Darque, Sandria and Darque walked the Dragon maze and saw the end of the world. Gladdened by the looming Armageddon, Darque sensed that Sandria would not let it happen, so although he disagreed, he allowed her to recruit the aid of those who hated him to stop him, including Shadowman.

Sometime past 1 a. Upset that he did not call first, Marcia nevertheless allowed Jack inside. Infuriated to learn that all he wanted was his mask, Marcia took Jack to her bedroom, where she hid the mask in her dresser. Donning the mask, Marcia asked Jack if he liked it on her and then they kissed.

An hour later, Jack told Marcia that he was not normal, that he was like two people, but then she made the mistake of calling him a nerd by day and a wild man by night, a remark that upset him. Walking over to her dresser, Marcia gave Jack the keys to her bike and told him to go for a ride. Needing to clear his head, Jack returned home for his sax and then went to the cemetery to play it.

Just then, Sandria floated down into his arms and begged him not to confront her brother as she sensed that he was still not powerful enough to defeat him. Asking him to make a truce with Darque, Sandria kissed Jack in the lips to bless his sacrifice. Refusing to grant her wish, however, Jack rode away while Sandria asked him to give though to her words. Breaking through the skylight to prove Sandria wrong, Shadowman challenged Darque, who with a wave of his hand pushed him out the window into the courtyard like he was a gnat on his shoulder.

Damning Sandria for being right, Jack realized that he was not yet ready to fight Darque and win. Mocking her, Darque told Sandria that he could not refuse her anything, and that she was sure to have a Shadowman. Concurrently, Shadowman came upon a theft in an alley and leapt at the muggers to stop them. Feeling the rising energy, Sandria asked her brother if he still welcomed the chaos, and he said that he embraced it.

Elsewhere, Jack worried that whatever was happening was a bad thing, when then, a surge of energy filled them with power unlike any they had ever seen. Afraid, Sandria watched in horror as the energy destroyed their home, while, in the face of his imminent Godhood, Darque dismissed her concerns. While a helicopter crashed in the French Quarter, at the hospital an aura of energy surrounded Patient and awoke him from his coma.

Elsewhere, Sandria asked a looter why it was that in the face of chaos some men stole while others performed acts of selfless heroism, but he lacked an answer. Leaving the man on a rooftop, satisfied that there was no answer, Sandria floated away amid his calling her the Madonna of Chaos. Meanwhile, in a cemetery, as Darque ordered an army of corpses to remove the covers to their graves and the doors to their crypts so that he could use them to store the necromantic energy pouring into the world, he saw Shadowman leap over a wall threatening to kill him.

Reduced to pure ID obsessed with destroying Darque, Shadowman shot him with a burst of energy from the Shadowman symbol on his shirt that peeled his skin away. Lacking the time to lead his soldiers, Darque raised the body of his ancient mentor, Anton Quigley, so that he could serve as his general. To be a fair stand-up boxing match in a twenty-four foot ring or as near to that size as possible.

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A goal shall be made when the ball is thrown or batted from the grounds into the basket and stays there, providing those defending the goal do not touch or disturb the goal. If the ball rests on the edges, and the opponent moves the basket, it shall count as a goal. When the ball goes out of bounds, it shall be thrown into the field of play by the person first touching it. In case of a dispute, the umpire shall throw it straight into the field. The thrower-in is allowed 5 seconds; if he holds it longer, it shall go to the opponent.

If any side persists in delaying the game, the umpire shall call a foul on that side. The umpire shall be judge of the men and shall note the fouls and notify the referee when three consec- utive fouls have been made.

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He shall have power to disqualify men according to Rule 5. The referee shall be judge of the ball and shall decide when the ball is in play, in bounds, to which side it belongs, and shall keep the time. He shall decide when a goal has been made, and keep account of the goals with any other duties that are usual- ly performed by a referee. The side making the most goals in that time shall be declared the winner. In case of a draw, the game may, by agreement of the captains, be continued until another goal is made.

Im46s lm45s. Im45s Marathon 2h59m. The utter futility of the task to non- shepherds and the similarity of sheep to one another, weigh heavily on the eyelids. Tether-a-Bumfit The TOG ratings of duvets vary by manufacturer but, as a rule of thumb, summer duvets are around TOGs, whereas winter duvets have a rating of — Tench, for example, have mouths softer and smaller than one might expect from their size.

A dizzying number of sizing systems have been advanced over the years Redditch, Kendal, Carlisle, Pennell, to name but a few. However, because fishing hooks have so many variables of size, shape, and angle, a common system of sizing has remained elusive. In general, though, the smaller the hook number, the bigger the hook.

Below is a list of the 12 operations along with the fees for doctors and specialists: Doctor Operation Specialist f. Brain freeze Butterflies in stomach. Water on the knee. Adams apple. Ankle bone to knee bone. Most games are played with one-ers - larger denominations are used as a means of exchanging capital. Only metal buttons are played with. One classic button game is Pitching at the Line.

The first player then pitches two buttons at the line, aiming so they rest as close to the line as possible without crossing it. The remaining players follow suit. Once all have pitched, the player whose button is nearest to the line claims all the buttons that landed over the line; the remaining buttons he pitches into the air and those that land shank-side uppermost he keeps. All the buttons that remain are divided up equally. Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash V4. You know what makes a good loser? Winners never quit. You know exactly where you stand This phrase was quoted by President John F.

Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs disaster. It is more interesting than success. Although many similarities exist between elephant polo and its equestrian forerunner, a number of modifications have been made to allow for the inherent differences between horses and pachyderms: The elephant polo pitch is 1 20m x 70m 14 that of a traditional pitch , with 4 players on each side. Although the game used to be played with footballs, the elephants quickly developed a passion for stamping on the balls until they exploded. Nowadays standard polo balls are used.

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Each elephant has two people on its back: the player who strikes the ball, and the mahout who handles and steers the elephant. A game is comprised of two minute chukkas, with a minute interval during which elephants and ends are changed. To avoid instinctive but dangerous herding behavior, no team may have more than 3 elephants in one half at any time. A foul is committed if an elephant lies down in front of the goal- mouth.

To report this review as inappropriate, please complete this short form.

Similarly, a foul is committed if an elephant picks up the ball with its trunk. Sticks range from ft in length, varying on the size of the elephant, and have a traditional mallet head. Smaller, more nimble elephants are favored for offensive roles, though older female elephants are often placed defensively near goal to intimidate male competition. To ensure that the elephants do not overheat, games are not played after midday. The game borrowed heavily from the existing games of Royal Tennis and badminton and was played on an hourglass-shaped court with a net 5' high.

Ottis Anderson The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. The Olympic Oath, instituted in and updated in to address the issue of doping, is taken on behalf of all athletes by a member of the host team. Holding a corner of their national flag, the athlete declaims from the rostrum, in front of the assembled flag-bearers of other nations: In the name of all the competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport without doping and without drugs, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams.

Is gambling making your home life unhappy? Is gambling affecting your reputation? Have you ever felt remorse after gambling? Do you ever gamble to get money with which to pay debts or to otherwise solve financial difficulties? Does gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency? After losing, do you feel you must return as soon as possible and win back your losses? After a win do you have a strong urge to return and win more? Do you often gamble until your last pound is gone? Do you ever borrow to finance your gambling? Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling?

Are you reluctant to use gambling money for normal expenditures? Does gambling make you careless of the welfare of your family? Do you gamble longer than you planned? Do you ever gamble to escape worry or trouble? Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act to finance gambling?

Does gambling cause you to have difficulty in sleeping? Do arguments, disappointments, or frustrations create an urge within you to gamble? Have you ever considered self-destruction as a result of your gambling? The Spoon had a slightly concave head that was handy for playing lofted shots to escape hollows. Cleeks or Cleques were long-shafted narrow-faced clubs used for distance. The Mashie was a standard club used for medium distance and loft - probably deriving its name from an ancient term for a war-hammer.

The Niblick was originally a wooden club, later manufactured as a lofted iron with a short face. It has been suggested that the word Niblick might be a corruption of the Scottish term for a broken nose - neb laigh. Since , the maximum number of clubs a player is permitted in their bag is Some of the more elaborate traditional lures are below: The butcher. Australia Ireland 1 3. Spain 1 USA 1 Maurice Ravels one-act ballet crescendo Boldro is certainly the most famous example of the dance — in part because it was used in the film 10 where Dudley Moore falls in lust with Bo Derek, but certainly because it was interpreted by Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean when they won Gold in the Winter Olympics ice dance.

The pair scored 3 x 6 0 and 6 x 5'9 for technical skill , and 9 x 60 for artistic impression. It was probable that there were some millions of proles for whom the Lottery was the principal if not the only reason for remaining alive. It was their delight, their folly, their anodyne, their intellectual stimulant. Where the Lottery was concerned, even people who could barely read and write seemed capable of intricate calculations and staggering feats of memory.

What bargain hunters enjoy 6—22 What we all should be 4—5 A written acknowledgment A day dream Such and nothing more 1 A talon A bird A pigeon Opposed to less F-7 Part of your head 18—19 What this puzzle is A river in Russia An animal of prey 1—32 To govern The close of a day An aromatic plant It is thought that the first ever published crossword was this one devised in by Liverpudlian Arthur Wynne for the American Sunday newspaper the New York World.

After initial doubts and some experimentation with the diamond shape, the now-familiar square crossword became firmly established. Consequently, each square has a unique designator, from a8 in the top left-hand corner, to hi in the bottom right. The moves made by pieces are indicated by the prefixed letter followed by the square of arrival when pawns are moved, only the square of arrival is noted.

If a piece captures another, the letter x is inserted before the square of arrival, for example: Rxdl. When a pawn captures a piece, the file of departure is added before the x and the square of arrival, for example: gxf3. If a pawn is promoted, the move is indicated as normal but the prefix letter of its new identity is added, for example: f8Q. Other conventions exist for such circumstances as when two identical pieces can move to the same square, and so on.

Fortunately, a good fairy commutes this death sentence into sleep lasting 1 00 years, from which the princess is released by the kiss of a handsome prince. It is said that once each year Desmond awakes and rides in full armor around the Lough before returning to his deep slumber. Instantly falling in love, Selene flew to Earth in a chariot of silver, and made sweet, sweet love with him. Plus-sixes, plus-eights, and even plus-tens were occasionally sported, though these tended to hinder the follow-through. In order to help listeners at home follow the live commentary, the Radio Times printed a schematic of the pitch subdivided into 8 squares see below.

When the ball was passed towards the goal-keeper it went back to square one. The first match to use this diagram was Arsenal vs Sheffield, at Highbury, on 22 January His nickname derived from a highly idiosyncratic bowling approach, described by W. Smith was also a Hollywood actor who starred in over pictures, including Rebecca and Little Women — though he tended to be typecast as the archetypal Englishman and even managed to portray the Duke of Wellington in three different films.

In , when Smith was living near Mulholland Drive, he persuaded the Los Angeles Park Commission to donate some land on which to build a cricket pitch. Grass seed was imported from England, a pavilion was constructed, and the Aubrey Smith Cricket Field quickly became a mecca for American and ex-pat cricketers. An impressive roll-call of names gained membership in the Club, including Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Warner, P. Wodehouse, Ronald Coleman, and Nigel Bruce - though Smith was not shy in pressurising players to attend. Laurence Olivier was once summoned by note to attend a practice and turned up at nets wearing boots he had borrowed from Boris Karloff.

A stripe must be in one bottom corner, and a solid in the other. The rest are randomly placed. Any number of players sit round a table and surreptitiously place between 0 and 3 coins in one of their hands. When instructed, all place their fist onto the table in front of them. Then, the participants take it in turn to guess the total number of coins held in all of the hands usually, the tallest guesses first, and the guessing then rotates counter-clockwise. In a group of five players, for example, the guesses can range between 0 and Importandy, no one may guess the same figure as another.

When all have guessed, the coins are revealed and the player who has correctly estimated the total drops out. The game continues until there is only one player left - the loser. Sivel, Gaston Tissandier, and J. E Croce-Spinelli took off from outside Paris in the balloon Zenith to study the effects of altitude. When the balloon reached 8,m all three were overcome with hypoxia and fainted before they could use the onboard supply of oxygen.

As they flickered in and out of consciousness, the three aviators became increasingly confused and mistakenly let fall more ballast, causing them to rise even higher. Tissandier finally woke when the balloon descended to 6,m, by which time both his companions were dead. The race itself lasts only 90 seconds - a fleeting duration which belies the history, pride, and passion that suffuse the event. The contest is known as the Palio - which is also the name of the silk standard for which the race is run.

Patios have taken place in Siena since at least , and only seismic events like cholera, earthquakes, rioting, and war have been allowed to interfere. Although, in , when rioting was sweeping across the rest of Italy, Siena was curiously peaceful during the Palio season. The key to the Palio lies in the structure of Siena, which is divided into contrade that act as small social, political, and historically military units.

In the C14th there were at least 42 contrade, but since there have been just The division of Siena into its 17 contrade the numbers correspond to the table opposite ; and a schematic of the Piazza del Campo, showing the direction taken by the Palio riders. The contrade are defined by well-established though invisible borders which criss-cross the city — each has its own government, motto, saint, emblem, colors, museum, lucky number, and so on. The pride of a contrada depends absolutely upon the outcome of each Palio.

To win a race brings honor and delight; to lose, shame and sadness. Indeed, to come second is considered a far greater humiliation than coming last. Furthermore, a contrada allied to the winner will share in its victory; and the winning contrada's traditional rival will be considered to have lost, even if they did not race.

It is hard to overstate the complexity of the Palio, every facet of which is charged with tradition, superstition, and competitive suspicion from selecting which ten contrade will race, to allocating each contrada a horse. Before each race every horse is taken by its contrada into their church to be blessed, after which the horses are carefully guarded to prevent attack from rival contrade. Once the race is over, the crowds that packed every spare foot of the Piazza mob the winning jockey and horse, scrambling to touch the silk Palio itself.

This signals the commencement of the celebrations and commiserations which then engulf Siena for days. Although it was long believed that sleep was not uniform, only with the development of the electroencephalogram EEG , and other electrical tests, were the two main phases or stages of sleep identified: Non-Rapid-Eye Movement [NREM] sleep has four stages of successive depth see the EEG traces opposite.

It is characterized by a reduction in brain activity, metabolic rate, heart rate, blood-pressure, temperature, and so on. It is thought that NREM sleep is important for growth, energy conservation, and possibly for processing information that was acquired during wakefulness. Rapid-Eye Movement [REM] sleep is characterized by a reduction in muscle tone, mild involuntary muscle jerks, and the presence of rapid eye movements. REM is the phase when most dreaming takes place, and brain activity increases.

The function and meaning of dreams are disputed see p. Bond decides to humiliate Drax by switching the packs and dealing a rigged hand. The convention that the belts get darker as the wearer becomes more qualified has been explained in a number of ways. Some say it is because traditionally the belts were never washed and therefore discolored with age; others say that the belts were kept and dyed anew. Shodan 10th Kyu white Soshinsha 2nd Dan. Nidan 9th Kyu. Kukyu 3rd Dan. Yondan 7 th Kyu. Godan 6th Kyu. Rokkyu 6th Dan. Rokudan 5 th Kyu.

Gokyu 7th Dan. Shichidan 4th Kyu. Yonkyu 8th Dan. Hachidan 3rd Kyu. Sankyu 9th Dan. Kudan 2nd Kyu. Nikyu 10th Dan black. The tricycle was used by a few who felt they needed more vigorous exercise than could be obtained by walking or playing a quiet game of croquet. But now there is a reaction in its favour and only a few of the obstinately blind are found in opposition.

There is no doubt that the bicycle has brought health to many a nervous, over-wrought woman. All depends, of course, on the common sense displayed by the individual No woman should ride if she has any serious weakness, except with great caution, and the permission of a doctor who not only understands her constitution, but who has also made a special study of cycling in all its phases. Although the game has a set of well-ordered rules and regulations, some of which are detailed below, the essence of Kabaddi is that it can be played almost anywhere, by any group, with no specialist clothing or equipment.

Because each side fields only 7 players out of a squad of 12, sitting blocks are positioned at either end of the court. Before crossing the center line, the raiders must loudly and clearly start to repeat the word Kabaddi! This repetition is known as the cant, and any player who pauses during his cant is out. If a raider manages this while keeping his cant going it is known as a successful raid, and all those antis who were touched during the raid are ruled out.

It is the job of the antis to hold the raider and prevent him from returning to his court before his cant collapses. Any raider who is held can get safe if he is able to touch the gound in his home half with any part of his body. Teams score 1 point for each player they put out, and 2 bonus points a Iona for putting out an entire team. A typical games lasts 40 minutes with a 5-minute interval at half time; games are staged on weight and age categories. Knick-knacks; butterflies; shells, insects, etc. Will you throw this time away either in laziness, or in trifles?

Read only useful books; and never quit a subject till you are thoroughly master of it, but read and inquire on till then. An introduction by the leader reminds the team how to conduct the Haka: Ringa pakia Uma tiraha Turi Whatia Hope whai ake Waewae takahia kia kino Slap your thighs Puff out the chest Bend the knees Let the hip follow the feet as hard as you can Stamp The whole team then performs: Ka mate!

Ka mate! Ka ora! Tenei te tangata puhuru huru Nana i tiki mai Whakawhiti te ra A hupane, kaupane A hupane, kaupane Whiti te ra! It is death! It is life! The first Haka ever danced overseas at a rugby match was that performed by the New Zealand Native team during their tour of Britain. A number of different translations for this Haka exist — some more belligerent than others. Three cards, usually two black cards and a red Queen, are placed by the tosser on a table and shuffled before your eyes.

You have to find the lady.

Although to most players it seems that only the tosser is involved, all such scams employ ropers who crowd the table, shills who pretend to be winning punters, and scouts who keep a look-out for the law. Clearly, the only reliable way to win this game is never to play. However, if you are tempted, the best advice is this: follow the dealers hands very closely until you are absolutely certain beyond any doubt that you have identified the Queen.

Then, bet on one of the other two cards, thus increasing your chance of winning from zero to fifty per-cent. The game of lacrosse well played is a beautiful sight, the actions of the players being so full of grace and agility. The skill required, moreover, is so great that the attempt to acquire it is splendid training in courage and perseverance. A PIG — prize to whoever catches him by the tail. This is when he feels his nothingness, his deprivation, his insufficiency, his dependency, his impotence, his hollowness. Presently, and from the depths of his soul he will bring up ennui, blackness, sadness, grief, resentment, despair.

Months of the year Jjan uary; F eb ruary; etc. Compass point directions N orth; S outh; N orth E asterly; etc. Weights and measures K ilo; G ram; T on; lb pound; etc. Musical abbreviations piano p soft ly ; forte f loud ly ; etc. Playing cards. Q ueen; J ack; K nave; K ing; hearts; diamonds; etc. Numerals IV. Church of Eng. The PIKE is best in July, only the pike is good at all times, only excepted when he sees the rye he spawns.

Only the young Gudgeon is always good with parsley. Fly-fishing may he a very pleasant amusement; but angling or float-fishing I can only compare to a stick and a string, with a worm at one end and a fool at the other. Speak to me, oh great Houdini! Quickly tell me! Look deep within your mind, and say the answer! When the Chairman drinks, everyone drinks. The last player to notice and place his thumb is fined. Only elbows may be used to indicate. If a COIN is dropped into a glass, its contents must be finished.

None of us has any right to ease. Idle dreaming is often the essence of what we do. I thought it was a pity to get up. There is a lot to be said for idle leaders. The want of something to do is what makes people wicked and miserable. It breeds selfishness, mischief-making, envy, jealousy and vice, in all its most dreadful forms.

I walk down the Strand With my gloves on my hand, Then I walk down again with them off. See also Burlington Bertie on p. I can sit and look at it for hours. I love to keep it by me; the idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart. The camel plods along behind the race, and any runner passed by the beast is disqualified. Points are awarded for how close it lands to the bullseye. Tricks are also performed with two boomerangs simultaneously.

Many of these events are played as team events, usually with four members per team. The caber itself is a tree trunk denuded of its branches of unspecified size - though it has to be of a length and weight to challenge even the strongest athlete. Occasionally, cabers are submerged overnight in nearby lochs to increase their weight.

Athletes are presented with the caber in its vertical position, and their challenge is to upend the trunk in a perfect longitudinal revolution, so that the cabers top faces them. Tossers are given three attempts with a caber - of which the best throw is scored. If a new caber cannot be tossed it may be progressively shortened until an athlete is successful, after which the caber may never be modified. Perhaps the most famous challenge is presented by the Braemar Caber which weighs kg b and is m 19ft long. It was first successfully tossed by 5 1 -year-old George Clark in 1 9 5 1.

In both cases the lines must be continuous. For solutions, turn to p. De Worde was the first printer in England to employ italic typefaces. In one of the many publications he printed de Worde enumerated the fifteen points required of a good horse: A good horse sholde have three propyrtees of a man, three of a woman, three of a foxe, three of a haare, and three of an asse. Of a MAN. Bolde, prowde, and hardye. Fayre-breasted, faire of heere, and easy to move. Of a FOXE. A fair taylle, short eers, with a good trotte. A grate eye, a dry head, and well rennynge.

Of an ASSE. A bygge chynn, a flat legge, and a good hoof. Make no mistake about this. No matter how winding the road may be that eventually brings to sovereign into the pocket, it is the price of what should be dearer to you than any- thing else: your honor. Webb swam a slow and stately breast-stroke 20 to the minute , and fortified himself with beef-tea, beer, coffee, cod-liver oil, and - to counteract the effects of a nasty sting by a yellow star-fish - even brandy. Webb [UK] Burgess [UK] 1 Antonio Abertondo [ARG],.

Karl Beniston [UK] Victor Contraras [CHI] In a bagpipe player accompanied him by boat to help him set a rhythm — but to no avail. For the curious, tragic, and strangely ironic drowning of Captain Matthew Webb see p. There is some debate as to the origin of the term - some claiming that the bowler was given a new hat by the members of his teamt; others claiming that the bowlers hat was used as the receptacle for an informal whip-round. Either way, since the Cl 9th the term has escaped the boundaries of the cricket pitch, and is generally used for any kind of triplet in any sporting endeavor, t In D.

Wright actually was presented with a new hat having bowled a hat-trick. Few things are more conducive to idleness than a hot bath and - Archimedes asidet - the bathtub can rightly be viewed as offering some respite from the exertions of everyday life. It is no mistake that victorious gladiators would repair to the baths of imperial Rome, or that sports physios sometimes recommend hot baths for post-match warm-downs. The following classification of bathing-water temperatures is from the edition of B. Archimedes, observing while getting into his bath that some of the bathwater overflowed, quickly realized that an object floating in a liquid displaces a weight of liquid equal to its own weight.

Since silver is less dense than gold, lib of silver is bulkier than a lib of gold and will displace more water. Thus Archimedes was able to prove that Hieros crown was impure. This observation was famously accompanied by the exclamation Eureka! What good shall I do this day? What good have I done this day?

Contrive days business, and take the resolution of the day; prosecute the present study, and breakfast. WORK Read, or overlook my accounts, and dine. WORK Put things in their places. Music or diversion or conversation. Examination of the day. SLEEP Franklin found it problematic to adhere to his timetable, noting that a man who must interact with others cannot structure his time like one who works alone. Such a wicket favors spin bowlers who can use the surface to make the ball turn dramatically. Also a cockfighting term. It has been suggested that to avoid the glare of the sun, baseball diamonds were built with home plate facing west, and thus the throwing arm of lefthanded pitchers would usually be south.

Southpaw boxers are those that lead with the right hand and foot. In addition, a number of sports have fallen out of favor and are no longer part of the modern Olympic roll-call. There they ate the fruit of the lotus — not the water- lilies of Egypt, but plants with roots in the underworld that drew water from the river Lethe. This water had the power to remove all memories, and the lotus-eaters or Lotophagi lived in an idle, paralyzed, trancelike state with neither recollection of the past nor concept of the future, and with no desire to return to their native lands.

As Odysseus sailed home from Troy, he landed on one of these sandbanks and sent three men out to explore. The men discovered the Lotophagi, ate of their fruit, and were sucked into a twilight state of idle paralysis before being dragged weeping back to their ship, pleading to be left behind. In his poem Song of the Lotos-Eaters, Alfred Tennyson used this myth to explore our desire to reject the prosaic world of toil for a more languorous state of idleness: Let us swear an oath, and keep it with an equal mind.

In the hollow Lotos-land to live and lie reclined On the hills like Gods together, careless of mankind. Since the dawn of time the navel has been the focus of a reflective form of philosophical contemplation known as Omphalopsychism. This might be because the navel literally represents the location of birth, or perhaps because it is where the eye lazily falls when one is reclining naked. A number of Omphalopsychite groups have existed through history - perhaps the most famous of which were the Hesychasts, a sect of quietists who from C. AD practised gazing at the navel to induce a hypnotic reverie.

The Hesychasts believed that through a rigorous regime of ascetisism, devotion, and deep contemplation of the body, a mystic light - no less than the uncreated divine light of God - could be seen. The question of whether Adam and Eve had navels given that they were created by God is one which has vexed theologians for some time. Incidentally, a number of artists, not least Albrecht Diirer and William Blake, have chosen to depict Adam and Eve with omphalodia.

A distance is usually employed to describe a margin longer than 30 lengths.